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The large pod is the ultimate Timeless space, built using the same construction techniques as the caravan to create its signature curves and lines. It’s fitted with a bespoke, hand-crafted copper seat at one end, leaving the rest of it open to be used however you wish.

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The versatility and openness of our large pod, coupled with the skills of the Timeless workforce, mean that this space can be adapted to your unique requirements for an additional cost.

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XX long and XX wide


Fitted with underfloor heating

Perfect for:




Brand hire


Unique entertainment


How is it delivered?
The size of the large pod means that it can be transported on the back of a crane lorry, without any outriders or additional measures, and then lifted into your desired location.
What foundations are needed?
The large pod is fitted with transport wheels, allowing us to move it to the perfect position on any hard surface.
Do I need planning permission?
It’s available for event hire only, so would be covered by the permissions granted for the event. The pod is also classed as a temporary structure that’s mobile.
What connections does the large pod need?
It isn’t designed to operate off-grid and needs to connect to the main electric supply.
Does it come with a warranty?
Yes. All Timeless products come with a full 1-year warranty.

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