About us

Every product in the Timeless range is built from sustainable Red Cedar and insulated in recycled plastic bottles. It’s a technique that we’ve perfected over the past few years, resulting in stunning, livable works of art with enough versatility to make them fit for your own purpose.

As well as creating extraordinary structures, social enterprise sits at the heart of our business. Using funds generated from the sale of the pods, our mission is to support mentoring and training of traditional skills, creative thinking and wellbeing. We aim to give individuals the opportunity to learn new skills, including traditional carpentry, with a proportion of their time spent working alongside our founder on the production of the pods.

Our business model aims to connect people in their work, and produce objects that by their very nature, construction and design, bring a greater sense of wellbeing and connection with other people as well as the natural world.


We believe that we’re stronger when we work together. That’s why all of our creations are designed to bring people closer – not only to each other, but also to the natural world through the materials we use. This belief in the power of connection also drives our mentoring vision, aiming to unique different generations through volunteering and skill sharing.


From working with natural materials, to encouraging human connections, to giving people a beautiful space from which to soak up the world around them – everything we do has mental wellbeing in mind. Because since the pandemic, and all the challenges that were brought with it, we believe that our mental health has never been more important.


We pride ourselves on adapting and applying sustainable materials in creative and innovative ways. This is why all our products are built with sustainability in mind, through a combination of the finest Red Cedar timber recycled plastic bottles.

Our journey so far

At Timeless, we see our journey as evolutionary; each product in the collection has informed the next, through the process of conceiving, designing, problem solving and building. In other words, we take the best features from each iteration and carry them over to the next product. This has helped us reach a point where we can confidently launch our collection to the world, and invite you to step into the extraordinary.

Meet the founder

Piers Roberts is a self-taught creative maker who, over the last six years, has developed a unique construction technique – enabling him to build some of the most innovative, beautiful and unique objects around.

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Are you in the event industry, and need some beautiful environments to host and engage your guests? Interested in using the structures as promotional and marketing tools? We'd love to hear from you!

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