An Evolving Process to Achieve a Ground Breaking Vision

“The Remit from the start has been to push the boundaries of design and in turn create more sustainably built, inspiring environments”

Piers, Timeless Composites Owner

An Evolving Process

From the outset we have focused upon developing standout structures that combine lightweight, cutting edge composite materials with innovative techniques developed in our workshop. Using lamination techniques that utilise cedar, epoxy bio-resins, glassfibre and insulative recycled PET foam. With its roots in the boat building tradition, we have created a cutting edge approach that results in the unique curved aesthetic evident thorough out the Timeless range.

Material Development & Creating Ecosystems

We are continually searching for materials that will enable us to create the highest quality environments that have a minimal impact on the environment. We currently source sustainably grown timber and utilise insulating cores derived from recycled bottles.

We are working with innovative, best in class partners in areas such as solar and heating solutions to create innovative eco systems that reduce carbon footprint. Read more about our sustainability goals in our values.

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Why Composites?

Composites are advantageous for building structures due to their high strength-to-weight ratio, which allows for strong yet lightweight constructions.

At Timeless we are continually looking to use the best in class materials that provides a composite construction that delivers beauty, strength, durability and longevity. Our extensive and long experience in working with composites, and the significant advancements in bio-resins, as an example, means our products are at the cutting edge of composite construction.


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Our product range can be used to create premium and stand out experiences for exclusive events, hotel & hospitality venues and discerning individuals. Feel free to contact us with any questions or enquiries you have.


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