The Trailer


A truly head turning, conversation starting trailer. Harnessing the beauty of red cedar and curvaceous design; its luxurious interior provides a captivating environment, perfect for extraordinary vacations or events. When you enter The Trailer you are enveloped in its warm, timber walls, surrounded by modern conveniences and cosy furnishings. The design of The Trailer means as well as being used as a lavish dwelling it can be adapted for event & corporate use.

Take a Closer Look

Made using the Timeless Composite process, click here to learn more

Tailored to You

The versatility of the Trailer coupled with the skills of the Timeless workforce, mean that this space can be adapted to suit personal leisure or corporate/event use, please contact us for further information.

Perfect For

Extraordinary Escapes

Premium Events

Corporate / Brand Hire

Glamping / Off Grid Locations


Made using the Timeless Composite method, click here to learn more

Trailer body 6900*2350 cm
Weight 1950 kg
Sleeps up to 4 people
Electric hob, fridge and microwave
Removable bed

Awning Options

Fitted with underfloor heating
In-built shower & toilet
Solar Panel Options

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How is it delivered?
The Trailer can be transported by tow bar to your desired location. It requires reasonable access to accommodate the length of the Trailer and the ground will need to be firm enough to take the weight 1950kg.
Can I have The Trailer configured to my own requirements?

To see all the features of the Trailer please download the technical specification. It offers a range of configurations to suit different requirements, please call us to discuss you needs.

Can I use The Trailer at my event/ photo shoot/ leisure location?
At Timeless we look to partner with organisations that look to provide inspirational experiences. Please contact us to discuss how we can work together to deliver the extraordinary.

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Our product range can be used to create premium and stand out experiences for exclusive events, hotel & hospitality venues and discerning individuals. Feel free to contact us with any questions or enquiries you have.


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