Alde and Timeless Composites: Challenging Convention

May 15, 2024

“Step into the Extraordinary” –  When efficiency and innovation combine to create something special.


At Timeless Composites we produce an inspiring range of uniquely designed environments made for unforgettable experiences. Hand crafted from sustainable materials and the responsibly sourced timber; they create surroundings that exhilarate the senses, elevate conversation and create connection. 

 Based in the center of the UK our evolving product range started with an airstream style caravan, followed by a motorhome and has developed into luxurious large pods and premium cabins; for leisure, event or at home use.

Curvaceous, conversation starting  design, a trail blazing approach to construction and an inherent focus on quality and sustainability come together to allow Timeless Composites customers to “Step into the Extraordinary “.


Since our inception we have looked to challenge convention; this is evident in the unique Timeless composite construction technique that utilises a 100% recycled PET core, responsibly sourced cedar and bioresins. It delivers beautiful, lightweight but durable structures; with a focus on minimizing environmental impact and when it came time to create the Cabin in 2023; we were committed to creating something exceptional that went beyond normal expectations.

The Cabin needed to provide a salubrious environment for its inhabitants; cocooned in the red cedar wood with panoramic views, they needed features such as underfloor heating, central heating and hot showers. These comfort features needed to combine with market leading energy efficiency to allow the Cabin to provide a full off grid experience. The goal was for The Cabin to deliver an unrivalled luxury experience that broke conventions in sustainability and efficiency.  


The core requirements of the heating system included:

  • Comfort and Quality. The wet water system needed to be able to provide:
    • underfloor heating for an area of 8m 
    • central heating for a  number of convectors, radiators and a towel rail.
    • hot water for showers 
  • Efficiency. Due to its innovative construction the Cabin delivers exceptional insulation and the heating systems efficiency needed to compliment this to help us meet our environmental objectives. 
  • True Off Grid Capability. A key feature of The Cabin is that it can be located wherever desired; to compliment even the most remote landscapes.  This resulted in the need for The Cabin and its heating system to be run off Solar, or a V2 load provided from an electric car. 
  • Partner not supplier mentality. The heating unit is an integral part of the Cabin and we needed a supplier who could not only operationally meet the technical specification but also demonstrate a tangible commitment to our core values

from environmental drivers to supporting innovation in creating best in class ecosystems. (link to values page on new website) 

In the quest to drive innovation partnering with a company who understood our objectives and provide technical support was vital. 


After a thorough review of the market, it was decided that ALDE was in unique position of meeting all of our core criteria. Already familiar with the quality of the systems; (the ALDE 3010 is used in Timeless’s Trailer) ; the ALDE 3030 had a compelling combination of features: 

  • This unit provided an all in one solution, providing comfort and efficiency. Compact enough to be hidden with the Cabin’s interior it provides hot water for the kitchen and shower facilities; central heating and underfloor heating. 
  • Utilising sustainably sourced wood and recycled plastic insulation results in a Cabin that aims to minimize environmental impact; the 3030 system delivers exceptional energy efficiency, resulting in minimal power demands and lower running costs. This enabled The Cabin to be a  pioneering Luxury Off Grid solution; it can be placed in any environment and powered from Solar, or a V2 load from an electric car. 
  • We create inspirational environments and the versatility of the Alde 3030 unit is complimented by the user experience it delivers; with simple and elegant control panels fitting into the Cabin’s aesthetic.
  • We have received unparalleled support from ALDE, throughout the evolution our company and it has enabled us to continually innovate. The ability to speak to the right people who understand our challenges and collaborate to find solutions have enabled us to deliver market leading experiences to our customers. 

When taking a pioneering approach to creating amazing spaces; having a network of suppliers who can help deliver a vision and meet demanding criteria is fundamental to our success. Timeless Composites have found that Alde not only deliver versatile, robust and efficient systems but a commitment to innovation that stands out from the crowd.

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